GLWA, Board of Directors

Great Lakes Water Authority

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
2:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. EDT

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Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by Gina McPherson

GLWA reported strong financial results, staff promotions and awards. Board members approved contracts, projects, and a salary increase for the CEO. A settlement strategy regarding litigation between DWSD, GLWA and Highland Park was discussed in closed session.

Live reporting by Amber Umscheid

GLWA reported strong financial results, staff promotions and awards. Board members approved contracts, projects, and a salary increase for the CEO. A settlement strategy regarding litigation between DWSD, GLWA and Highland Park was discussed in closed session.

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12:35 PM Jun 26, 2024 CDT

Amber @organizedoracle 2/32
Today's 06/26/24 GLWA BoD agenda can be found on their website 👇…
Amber @organizedoracle 3/32
If you wish to join today's meeting, you can attend in person at the Water Board Building, via Zoom, or by telephone. Address and links below.
Amber @organizedoracle 4/32
Meeting is called to order at 2:05pm.
-Today's agenda has been approved.
-There is currently nobody in-person or on Zoom to make public comment.
-No Communications moves us to Old Business.
Amber @organizedoracle 5/32
FY 2024 Second Quarter Budget Amendments -
reflects potential member partner credit related to the resolution of the highland park matter. It increased investment earning to offset cost along with a few other increases due to conservative budget on vacancies and erosion concerns.
Amber @organizedoracle 6/32
EGLE held a public hearing on March 20th per requirements and June 1st deadline was extended. Seeking GLWA to adopt this DWSD Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Improvement Plan for FY2025.
Amber @organizedoracle 7/32
Clean Water Projects seeking approval for eligible recipients to receive low rates loans on their project through ARPA and other dollars.
Amber @organizedoracle 8/32
FY 2024 Third Quarter Budget Amendments, changes made are highlighted in yellow at the link below -Approved.…
Amber @organizedoracle 9/32
WRAP Service Delivery Partner Funding Authorization with Wayne Metro, Macomb Community Action and United Way to insert budget amount for each year which includes half percent of charge reviews and other miscellaneous charges.
Amber @organizedoracle 10/32
Discussion around the amounts received by Flint and Detroit and how the money is determined and handled. It was mentioned that Flint doesn't get much, and Detroit recently increased their amount with their own dollars.
Amber @organizedoracle 11/32
The WRAP agenda item was approved. Agenda item D (CEO salary adjustment) and agenda item E (CEO employment agreement) were also approved.
Amber @organizedoracle 12/32
Agenda item F -
Seeking $2,500,000.00 in additional funds for the renewal of nine sections of pipe found during the LSIP condition assessment of the 36-inch water transmission main on 24 Mile Road.
Amber @organizedoracle 13/32
Agenda item G -
New contract approval for Water Transmission Main, Valve Emergency and Other Urgent Repairs.
Amber @organizedoracle 14/32
Agenda item H -
The current contractual and final completion dates of the contract are March 30, 2023, and July 16, 2024, respectively. Currently, correction work is ongoing to restart the previously failed 30-day performance test. Seeking a no cost increase extension.
Amber @organizedoracle 15/32
Agenda items I & K -
Both improve reliability of the ferric chloride feed system at different locations.
Amber @organizedoracle 16/32
Agenda item J -
Seeking provisional allowance to negotiate remainder for the HAZMAT Rehabilitation Building and any balance will be refunded to general fund.
Amber @organizedoracle 17/32
Presentation of Resiliency Team Updates by Navid Mehram --
Amber @organizedoracle 18/32
Amber @organizedoracle 19/32
The Freud SPS Improvement Project is pending award. The city council is requesting more community engagement. There is an event today for a design review, key concerns heard have been size of facility.
Amber @organizedoracle 20/32
Some delays due to engagement requests but other projects are progressing with some ahead of schedule slightly.
Amber @organizedoracle 21/32
Agenda item M -
Easement Agreement between GLWA and Rochester Community Schools with a payment of $16,520.
Amber @organizedoracle 22/32
Agenda item N -
Collective Bargaining Agreement 2024-2027 with Senior Water Systems Chemists Association for 61 members of the union including a shift premium, adjusting time off to match shifts, and a signing bonus.
Amber @organizedoracle 23/32
No reports or chairperson remarks.
Board Member Remarks from John included that he found a conference in Anaheim to be interesting and learned a few things.
Amber @organizedoracle 24/32
CEO Report -
*Favorable outcomes received from recent bond transactions including affirmation of strong credit ratings and improved cash flow savings $130.4 million.
Amber @organizedoracle 25/32
*Bill Wolfson received promotion from Chief Administrative and Compliance Officer to Deputy Chief Executive Officer. He received 2024 Frank J. Kelley Distinguished Public Service Award at the State Bar’s September 2024 meeting.
Amber @organizedoracle 26/32
*Recent storms caused unusually high number of momentary pressure fluctuations within the regional water transmission system.
*Cheryl Porter, COO, was elevated to President of American Water Works Assoc. The first woman of color to achieve this position in the 143-year history.
Amber @organizedoracle 27/32
*At the recent AWWA conference, our Lake Huron Water Treatment Plant received the Partnership for Safe Water’s Presidents Award for Water Treatment, and our Water Works Park Water Treatment Plant received the five-year Directors Award for Water Treatment.
Amber @organizedoracle 28/32
*Organizational Development Group (OD) recently was selected by Crain’s Detroit Business as its HR Team of the Year and National Association for Business Resources (NABR) selected GLWA as one of its first round of Michigan’s Best and Brightest in Wellness winning companies.
Amber @organizedoracle 29/32
*The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Michigan Chapter has presented GLWA’s Public Affairs team with its second consecutive Emmy Award! GLWA won the Branded Content category for the “TAP IN” recruitment campaign.
Amber @organizedoracle 30/32
This board will move to a closed session to discuss pending litigation, they will return after --
Amber @organizedoracle 31/32
Seeking authorization to apply member partner bad debt recovery credits totaling $20,026,500 applied to June 2024 services and authorize staff to withhold above credit to any community with past due balance related to Highland Park matter until amount is paid full.
Amber @organizedoracle 32/32
The board is heading back to closed session to discuss attorney client communications. I will be here when they return.


By Amber Umscheid 6/26/2024

Agency Information

Great Lakes Water Authority

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The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) is a regional water and sewer authority that services nearly 40 percent of the water customers in Michigan. Currently GLWA provides wholesale water and waste water services to 127 municipalities in eight Southeastern Michigan counties, which is equivalent to approximately 3.9 million customers.



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